How to Put the Most Recent Email At the Top of an iPhone Mail Conversation

put the most recent email at the top of ios 10 mail conversation

Threaded email conversations on an iPhone make it easier to locate all of the emails that have been sent in a specific "chain" of emails. But the default way that these conversations are sorted will place the most recent message at the bottom, which … [Continue reading]

How to Delete an App on the Apple Watch

how to delete an app on the apple watch

Apps will appear on your Apple watch because of a feature called Automatic App Install. Not every iPhone app has a compatible Watch app, so the number of apps on the watch will most likely be lower than the number of apps on your iPhone, but you … [Continue reading]

How to Add the Battery Widget to the iPhone 7

how to add the battery widget on the iphone 7

Your iPhone that is running the iOS 10 operating system has a new location that displays widgets. These widgets are associated with certain apps, and can display specific types of information that you might need to check periodically, but don't want … [Continue reading]

How to Use the Battery Shortcut on the iPhone 7

faster way to open the battery menu on iphone 7

Battery management on an iPhone is an important factor to consider if you use your phone a lot during the day. If you find that you are often depleting your battery before you have the chance to recharge it, then the Low Power mode on the Battery … [Continue reading]

How to Stop Automatic App Install on the Apple Watch

stop apps from installing automatically on the apple watch

Many of the apps on your iPhone have an Apple Watch version that you can use directly from the watch. Sometimes these Watch app versions include some functionality that makes them more convenient to use than the full app on the iPhone. As you install … [Continue reading]

How to View Song Lyrics on an iPhone 7

how to view song lyrics on the iPhone 7

There are a lot of different ways that you can use the Music app on your iPhone, and there are many features that you might not even realize were a part of the app. One of these features allows you to see the lyrics for a song. So if you have ever … [Continue reading]

How to Make an Apple Music Playlist in the iPhone 7 Music App

how to create an apple music playlist on an iphone 7

The Apple Music service that is available on your iPhone give you access to a very large library of songs. These songs can be downloaded and saved to your iPhone, and you can play them in a number of different ways. One helpful tool that you can use … [Continue reading]

How to Open and Close Your Garage From Your iPhone With the Chamberlain MyQ Garage

open the chamberlain app menu

Chamberlain is well-known as one of the largest manufacturers of garage door openers and associated peripherals, but they also have an interesting product called the MyQ Garage. This allows you to connect your garage door opener to your Wi-Fi … [Continue reading]

How to Reorganize the Apps on Your Apple Watch

how to move an app on the apple watch

The Home screen on the Apple Watch has some similarities to the iPhone Home screen, but it is different enough to make it unique. There are also a number of apps that will automatically be added to your Apple Watch from your iPhone, and the default … [Continue reading]

How to View Pictures Right After You Take Them On Your Samsung Galaxy On5

how to preview pictures on the samsung galaxy on5

Digital pictures are very different from film pictures, and one of the reasons for this is the capacity of your device to store such a high number of images. Due to this fact, you might find that you take multiple pictures of the same subject, … [Continue reading]