How to Reset the Home Screen Layout on an iPhone 7

how to reset the home screen layout on an iphone 7

Has your iPhone Home screen become very difficult to navigate? It is so easy and useful to download new apps, that is isn't uncommon to have multiple screens of apps that you need to scroll through. Since apps are installed to the first open Home … [Continue reading]

Is the iCloud Storage Part of the Device Storage?

is icloud storage part of the device storage

The amount of storage space on your iPhone is determined by the iPhone model that you purchase. Depending upon your iPhone model (iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, etc.) the storage options can vary. For example, the Jet Black iPhone 7 comes in either a … [Continue reading]

How to Stop Unlocking the iPhone 7 With Touch ID

how to disable touch id unlock on the iphone 7

Your iPhone can be unlocked with either a passcode or the Touch ID. The Touch ID feature allows you to save several of your fingerprints to your iPhone, then those fingerprints can be used with Apple Pay, to make purchases in the App Store, or to … [Continue reading]

How to Add a New Photo Album on the iPhone 7

how to organize photos on the iphone 7

The Photos app on your iPhone is home to all of the pictures that you have taken with your phone. Between pictures, screenshots, and videos, however, that app can become a little difficult to navigate. Pictures are usually one of the most recommended … [Continue reading]

How to Start the Print Spooler in Windows 7

how to start the print spooler in windows 7

While there are a lot of different issues that can come up when you try to print a document from your computer, one that you might often take for granted is the communication between your computer and your printer. Much of this interaction is handled … [Continue reading]

How to Turn on AutoPlay in Spotify on an iPhone 7

how to enable autoplay in spotify on an iphone 7

The Spotify app on your iPhone is a great way to listen to music on the go. You don't have to download songs to your iPhone to listen to them (though you can if you want to), the music library is very large, and the data usage is pretty minimal for … [Continue reading]

How to Enable or Disable Hardware Acceleration in Spotify

how to enable or disable hardware acceleration in spotify

Occasionally you might notice a performance issue when you are using the Spotify app. This can happen if your Internet connection speed dips really low, or if the connection disappears entirely. But it might also happen because your computer's … [Continue reading]

How to Minimize Spotify to the Tray Instead of Closing It

how to minimize spotify instead of closing it

The Spotify app on your computer provides easy access to the Spotify streaming service, as well as any playlists or other items you might have saved. When Spotify is open on your computer it is visible in the taskbar at the bottom of your screen. … [Continue reading]

How to Enable the Anti-Phishing Filter in Safari on an iPhone 7

how to turn on the anti phishing filter on an iphone 7

It's so easy to store important information online that many of us take it for granted. This information is often locked behind passwords and usernames, which can make that type of information very valuable to criminals. Your email address and … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Night Shift Mode On or Off for an iPhone 7

how to turn ight shift mode on or off for an iphone 7

The screen display on your iPhone 7 is primarily composed of blue-based colors. This color scheme makes it a little easier to view and read items on the screen, but has the unfortunately side effect of making it a little more difficult for you to … [Continue reading]