How to Cancel a Scheduled iOS Update on an iPhone 5

cancel the automatic install of the ios udpate

Updates to the iOS operating system are made available when bug fixes or security concerns warrant changes to the iPhone's operating system. These updates can be downloaded and installed through the Settings menu on the device. But you may not be … [Continue reading]

How to Remove Location Information When Taking Pictures on a Samsung Galaxy On5

stop including geographic information on galaxy on5 pictures

Have you ever uploaded a picture to Facebook, or another social media service, only to find that the social media service had tagged that picture with information about where the picture was taken? While this feature can be very interesting, and may … [Continue reading]

How to Use a Swipe Pattern Instead of a Passcode on a Samsung Galaxy On5

unlock galaxy on5 by drawing a pattern

If you switched to the Galaxy On5 from an iPhone, then you may have chosen a password or a passcode as the option to unlock the device. These are the options available to iPhone owners, and is likely what they are familiar with when choosing the … [Continue reading]

Helpful iPhone Settings to Know if You Are Using Your Device for Work

add a new contact on an iphone

Smartphones are an important tool in the arsenal of any employee that travels, or needs to have access to several different communication platforms at all times. But companies may not always offer dedicated work phones to their employees, leaving … [Continue reading]

How Can I Tell If I Am In Private Browsing On My iPhone?

how to tell if you are in private browsing on an iphone

Private browsing on a Web browser allows you to visit Web pages without the browser storing your history, or any cookies or data on the sites that you visit. The Safari browser on your iPhone has a private browsing mode, but you might not be sure if … [Continue reading]

How to Switch to Easy Mode on the Samsung Galaxy On5

what is easy mode on the samsung galaxy on5

Using an Android smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy On5 can be somewhat confusing if you are unfamiliar with smartphones, or if you had only ever used an Apple product before. The methods of navigation may seem foreign, and you might have trouble … [Continue reading]

How to Tell is Someone Has Read Your Message on an iPhone 5

check if iphone text message has been read or not

Text message conversations provide a really convenient way to communicate for both parties that are involved. You don't need to be available when a message is sent, and can instead view it and send a reply when you are available. This passive method … [Continue reading]

How to Display Battery Percentage on Samsung Galaxy On5

how to enable battery percentage on galaxy on5

There is a small battery icon at the top-right corner of the Samsung Galaxy On5 which provides a rough estimate of your remaining battery life. This is helpful for broad information, but you might be looking for something that is a little more … [Continue reading]

How to Enable an iCloud Backup on an iPad

start backing your iPad up in iCloud

It is helpful to create regular backups of your computers and devices, and Apple has made it possible to create automatic backups of your iPhone and iPad. These backups can occur wirelessly, and can even back up to iCloud so that you do not need to … [Continue reading]

How to Find the Android Version on Your Samsung Galaxy On5

what version of android is on galaxy on5

If you are following a tutorial for your Samsung Galaxy On5 and are finding that certain menus and apps are not where they are supposed to be, it can be somewhat frustrating. However, inconsistencies like this are usually related to differences in … [Continue reading]