How to Find Your IP Address on an iPhone 7

how to find your ip address on an iphone 7

When your iPhone connects to a Wi-Fi network, the router that manages the Wi-Fi connection will assign an IP address to the phone. This identifies your phone on that network. While the method for assigning IP addresses on a Wi-Fi network can vary, it … [Continue reading]

How to Turn On Parental Controls for the Play Store in Android Marshmallow

how to enable parental controls in the play store on galaxy on5

The Play Store on the Samsung Galaxy On5 provides a convenient means to access apps, movies, games, and books that you can use on the device. But if you have a child with a smart phone, you might wish to restrict the types of content that they can … [Continue reading]

How to Stop the Apple Watch from Locking When You Take it Off

how to stop apple watch locking when taken off

Your Apple Watch can provide access to some of the sensitive information that is stored on your phone, so it's helpful to add a layer of security to the watch in the event that it is ever lost or stolen. One of these security measures involves … [Continue reading]

How to Show the Date and Time at the Bottom of Each Slide in Powerpoint 2010

add the date and time to the bottom of the slide in powerpoint 2010

Some of the presentations that you will create in Powerpoint 2010 are time or date-sensitive. Whether this is because the presentation is updated on a regular basis, or because your audience needs to see the date and time on the slides, there are … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Your Mobile into a Portable Arcade

In case you didn't already know, smartphones are more than just a device capable of connecting you to family and friends. Through a combination of clever technology and the power of the Internet, you can now use your phone to connect to a world of … [Continue reading]

How to Set an Apple Watch Ahead By Five Minutes

how to set apple watch time ahead by 5 minutes

It's very common for people to set different times on the clocks that they use everyday. Whether that means setting the clock in your car ahead a few minutes, or setting your alarm clock ahead to help you wake up on time, there are certainly benefits … [Continue reading]

How to Answer Calls By Pressing the Home Button in Android Marshmallow

answer incoming calls with the home button on the galaxy on5

Your Galaxy On5 Android Marshmallow phone alerts you when you have an incoming call. You are able to answer that call by performing the action indicated on the screen. But, depending upon the way that you use your phone, or the situation in which you … [Continue reading]

How to Change a Picture from Portrait to Landscape Orientation on an iPhone 7

how to switch an iphone picture from portrait to landscape

The orientation of pictures that you take on your iPhone is determined by how you are holding the phone when you take the picture. It is very common to hold the phone in the portrait orientation, as it is much easier to use with one hand that … [Continue reading]

How to Reset Google Chrome to Default Settings

how to reset google chrome settings

The settings in a Web browser are easy to customize, and many of them can be changed so easily that it's a simple matter to make minor adjustments for a specific page, then change back to your old setting. I do this all the time on Web pages where … [Continue reading]

How to Change the Color of a Picture Border in Word 2013

how to change the color of a picture border in word 2013

Adding a border to a picture in Word 2013 is useful when you want to easily identify the boundaries of an image, or convey a distinct separation between an image in a document and the rest of the content in that document. It's easy to add a border to … [Continue reading]